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Pratha Atray, a first-generation lawyer, boasts an exemplary academic background, graduating with
distinction from Rizvi Law College, Mumbai University in 2020. She furthered her legal acumen by
earning an LLM degree in Criminal Law from Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Law University, Jaipur.

Licensed by the Bar Council of Rajasthan and the All India Bar Council, Pratha’s legal expertise spans
various domains. While she adeptly resolves family disputes, including child custody, maintenance,
and divorce cases, her skills extend to navigating complexities within the Narcotic Drugs and
Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act and matters under the jurisdiction of the National Investigation
Agency (NIA).

She also excels in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) litigation, showcasing her versatility and
comprehensive understanding of various legal domains. Her adeptness in drafting legal documents
extends to crafting intricate pleadings and arguments specific to IPR cases, further solidifying her
reputation as a skilled and well-rounded legal professional.

Pratha brings valuable experience in service matters to the table. Her familiarity with service-related
legal intricacies further enhances her ability to advocate for her clients effectively.

Pratha’s standout attributes include exceptional oratory skills and meticulous attention to detail,
enabling her to craft compelling arguments and build robust cases for her clients. With a clear and
logical thinking process, she confidently represents her clients before diverse judicial forums across
the country.

Moreover, Pratha’s proficiency in drafting legal documents, such as Special Leave Petitions (SLPs),
writs, and suits, underscores her capabilities as a proficient legal professional.