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Intellectual Property (IP) Litigation Practice group at LEGUS INTELLECT recognizes that a successful IP enforcement strategy can make an important contribution to a company’s bottom line. Intellectual Property rights also extends to creative items and curiosities that can be built in a place owing to its geographical properties. Our attorneys help a wide variety of clients protect what is theirs, and police the marketplace against infringements and unfair competitive practices. Intellectual property is recognized as one of the most important assets that can be held by a corporation or an individual. Today, the threat of intellectual property infringement increases with each passing day as infringers find it easier and faster to take advantage it. The IP owner’s hard work in creating the intellectual property sought to be protected. It is well-known fact that intellectual property litigation is one of the most expensive types of litigation to defend.With a legacy of successfully handling IP cases, LEGUSINTELLECT emphasizes on its experience in various aspects of IP litigation namely patent disputes, copyright and trademark litigation, domain name disputes, trade secret protection, unfair competition claims, false advertising and defamation, publicity and privacy issues.

We represent clients before legal bodies like Supreme Courts, High Courts, District Courts and Commercial courts to assist them in cultivating and protecting their intellectual property rights in the following areas:

We provide litigation services related to the filing and prosecution of Trademark, Copyright, geographical indications and Patent infringement, Misuse of trade secrets, Unfair Competition, Domain Name Disputes/UDRPs, Custom Enforcement, Protection of plant varieties and issues falling under the Indian Biodiversity Act, IP Rights Management and monetization, Cease and desist Notice, On-field Investigation.